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Our school pride can’t subside.

The real magic is in the sense of warmth, responsiveness and respect we generate between children, teachers, and parents.

Play is the major activity through which children develop social skills, work out difficulties and exercise their physical, sensory, emotional and cognitive abilities.

A key concept of PRIMA Preschool is readiness training, which is where the children will learn skills that will prepare them for formal instruction later.

Your children will be so busy having fun; they won’t realize they are learning all the while.

Ms. Sladjana Biljman,

Head of Preschool Department

In keeping with the Department for Education’s guidelines our curriculum covers the Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum which is designed for children from 2-3 years of age and is based on six main areas:

Personal, social and emotional development

Here at PRIMA, we provide a safe and warm environment and by doing so, children’s needs become very evident enabling them to flourish as individuals.

Communication, language and literacy

Story time is very popular in our department and very effective in developing new vocabulary.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

We encourage children to appreciate the diverse cultures they are surrounded by in their groups. Also, incorporating “nature” as an element where kids can actually see changes when they happen, helps children visualise change.

Creative development

To enable the children to express their ideas and feelings we use a range of natural materials children can relate to, to develop their creative personalities (sand, mud, pain, baking items, play dough etc.).

Physical development

Physical development is fostered on a daily basis. We help children develop gross motor skills (balance, climbing, catching a ball, running) during indoor and outdoor P.E. classes.

Mathematical development

We foster enthusiasm and build confidence by using different mathematical concepts to develop logical-mathematical thinking, e.g.: matching objects, longer-shorter, big-small, more-less and recognition of numbers.

The PRIMA Toddler group

The PRIMA Toddler group is run by the Head of Preschool, Ms Sladjana and the Head of the Music Department Ms Katie. The programme consists of a combination of musical activities and innovative and fun activities for your infant.

This group provides a great play opportunity for your child and a chance for mums to make new friends too. The group enables infants to caringly integrate into our Preschool Department at the age of 2.

Location: PRIMA International Preschool Department
Time & Day: Tuesdays 16.15h - 17.15h

Good education is future of your children.