PRIMA Library

The goal of the PRIMA library is to teach students to locate, evaluate and use effectively various forms of information.

The skills acquired through library instruction and practice will contribute to students becoming productive, thoughtful adults who will continue to pursue knowledge and learning throughout life.

The library is opened to all PRIMA students from preschool to secondary stage.

IT Faculty

Students and staff have access to the computer labs whether as individuals or for the class work. We offer computer courses at primary and secondary level.

Our wireless campus allows classes’ seamless access to the internet. In addition, visits to the library are designed to foster love of reading while introducing students to the excitement and potential of research both online and through written text.


We actively recruit highly-qualified staff from all corners of the globe, ensuring that our faculty epitomizes internationalism. They are equipped with the energy, intellect and magnetism required to take your children forward on their educational journey. Renowned for their ability to nourish each individual child’s passion for learning, our staff help students to develop sound work habits and necessary skills, ensuring your children become life-long learners ready to take on the challenges of our complex world.

Student Activities

Drama and Performing Arts Activities

An open summer stage theatre inspires our students to combine their creative talents with the practical aspects of drama.

Sport Clubs

Our premises comprise adequate track and field, a basketball court, a football court and a volleyball court.

Primary after school activities (PASA)

PASA Programme offers opportunities for children to extend their interests and talents in a wide variety of enrichment classes.

Walk a mile for a smile fundraiser

Our main annual charity event.
Together we can make a difference.

The PRIMA Summer Camp

This programme offers a variety of activities during the summer break such as Arts and Crafts, Music, Sports, Social Activities, Languages, Movie Time, Computers, Dancing, Water sports etc.

The PRIMA Choir

We believe that music is truly an international language. Children are introduced to a variety of musical styles and are exposed to music all over the world while singing in the PRIMA Choir.

School trips and excursions

At different times during the school year students will have the opportunity to attend excursions/school trips.

Art design and Media studies

The Earth without art is “eh”.
Play the video and enjoy

Students 4 Students

The PRIMA Inspirer is our magazine. It provides a platform to our students to write and to read about our life as - PRIMA students. Between its pages you will find facts and opinions about what it is like to be part of a special group of people - PRIMA people.

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